The Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development
Speaker: Masato Kuwahara (Project Leader, Nintendo DSi Hardware Group)
Date/Time: TBD
Track: Game Design
Format: 60-minute Lecture
Experience Level: All

Session Description
The Nintendo DSi system is the third version of the Nintendo DS hardware, and allows consumers to personalize their DS. Among other things, it features an internal flash memory to which software can be downloaded through the online Nintendo DSi Shop, and photos and audio files can be saved using the built-in applications.

Nintendo DSi creates a unique and exciting relationship between consumers and the system by allowing them to personalize and play with visual and audio data. A personal library of games and other applications are stored right on the unit.

Masato Kuwahara has played a central role in designing the Nintendo DSi hardware. In this session he will explain how the company came to develop the system with all these new features and what kind of new software development opportunities the team had in mind. He hopes the features and promise of Nintendo DSi will serve as inspiration for developers everywhere.