10:11- Reggie leaves the stage and thats its folks,  Animal Crossing: Folk City, Grand Theft Auto for DS, WiiSports Resort, WiiMusic, WiiSpeak were announced.

10:10 Reggie is stating how Wii is not a fad, and how Nintendo has to create new ideas to keep ahead in the game

10:08- Reggie and Cammie takes the stage and discussing WiiSpeak, Wii balanceboard and they are recapping what has happened so far.

10:05- Nintendo brought their finest on stage and is play Mario music, 5 different intraments are being played,  the game looks easy to play and sound really good.  Nintendo is rockin the stage

10:04- miyamoto is talking about how hand bell choirs and orchastras,  but the game wont judge how bad you are at it,  but you can record videos of different part of the games.

10:03- They have a  drummer that is showing how complex the game game be,  the game has a drums lessions to learn the drums. 

10:01- The demo miyamoto is playing and it looks easy, there are 50 different instraments in WiiMusic.  The game seems like so much fun to play.  He is play the guitar, piano and more.

9:59- miyamoto is discussing WiiMusic,  and how its differenct then past music games.  But WiiMusic is making it easy to play music games, 

9:57-miyamoto came on stage, he is playing the Wiiremote and its is playing the sax, he is awesome,  that was soo cool

9:56- A new game being shown,  Wii music availble this year,  there is a video being shown,  a guy is playing the drums and it sound good. The guy is using the balance board for his feet to play the game

9:55- Wii Wports: Resort coming this Srping World wide

9:52- Sword duiling game for the new WiiSports looks awesome,  it looks like so much fun.  its reggie agains Cammie.  Reggie Wins the first time but looses the next.

9:50- reggie is playing a Jetski game, it looks pretty good and seems fun to play.  The New Wii SPorts game should be really fun.


9:49- They are showing a live demo of the ne Wii sports game, the first is a frisbee game,  it is amazing how accurate the Motion Plus is,  Cammie Dunnaway is throwing a frisbee and a dog is chasing it.

9:48- Reggie takes the stage and is talking  about Wii motion plus, is a 1 to 1 movement tracking.  He just announce WiiSports Resorts.  It is like a day at the beach.

9:47- A cooking game for the DS

9:45- Cammie Dunnaway is talking how a GPS like Device for the DS is being worked on.

9:44- A Grand Theft Auto game for the DS this winter,  it is called China Town, this is awesome.

9:42- Spore DS is being shown,  The video shows the same gameplay that has been shown before for Spore: Creater, Now you can share creatures between Spore: Creatures games

9:40- Cammie Dunnaway takes the stage again and is discussing how well the DS is doing and how females and males are bothe playing it,  a new DS Guitar Hero called Decades is coming soon. It can share songs between DS.

9:38- Call of Duty World ar War video is being shown,  its looks awesome, and there is co-op, it looks like lots of fun.

9:38- Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party video is being shown,  it looks like fun, the same crazy stuff to expect and is availble this year.

9:37- Starwars: THe Clone Wars video is showing, looks fun

9:36- Tons of games coming for the Wii from 3rd parties, but they cant show them all, 

9:34- The Wii software is selling very well,  3rd party games are selling very well too.  Developers are started to make better games as they get used to the new Wii ideas.

9:33- He is talking how Nintendo has focused on female gamers recently, then he begins to talk again about how fantastic the Wii is doing.

9:30- He is discussing how great the DS is doing in 2008, and how pokemon Pearl and Diamond sold great, as well as other DS games sold well.

9:29- He is talking how great the Wii and DS are doing,  and showing graphs about sales and states, and states the DS will surpass 100 million units

9:28- Reggie takes the stage

9:27- He is disussing how players can really be creative in this game and how unique each players expereince will be. The game looks like a lot of fun.

9:26- He is talking about how community is a big thing in the game,  and announces a new Microphone, but its not a headset, it sits on the Sensor bar and allows people in the room to talk to people in the game or other rooms. 

9:24- Creator of Animal Crossing is talking,  Announces Animal Crossing: Folk Town 

9:22- Iwata states Nintendo are Nintendo is all about creating new and exciting games

9:21- Still discussing how Wii games are changing videogames

9:20- He is talking about how consumers love the Wii

9:18- Iwata is talking about about DS games that are doing well, aswell as new games for the Wii

9:16- Discussing how games are changing and evolving

9:14- Iwata just took the stage, discussing is past in videogames

9:13- The snowboarding game should be availble this year.

9:12- Cammie and Shawn are discussing the snowboarding game, how much fun it is, and how easy it is.  She is showing us how easy it is.  It looks like a lot of fun.

9:10- discussing snowboarding, then Shawn White starts playing a snowboarding game with Wiifit board

9:09- Cammie Dunnaway just took the stage and is talking how much she loves here job

9:08- and so it begins, the lights just went down.

9:01- the event is running a little late. It should begin very soon.

Keep it here at purenintendo, we will be updating this post throughout Nintendo’s media briefing.  It will be starting soon.  It should be a very exciting event.