15th January 2009. Continued strong demand for Wii and Nintendo DS in 2008 has resulted in record sales for both consoles in Europe.

Sales of Wii continued on their upward trajectory – with over 8.3 million units sold in 2008 alone, a 58% increase on 2007 and the largest annual sales of home consoles in European gaming history. These sales take the total installed base of Wii in Europe to more than 14.2 million.

In its third year on the market, Nintendo DS continues to break all previous sales records. In 2008 over 11.2 million Nintendo DS consoles were sold – which is the largest ever annual sales of a gaming console in European history. This takes the total number of Nintendo DS consoles now sold to European consumers to over 31 million.

“The sales trend on both Wii and Nintendo DS, hardware and software during 2008 shows that more and more people in Europe are enjoying video games as part of their daily lives. This proves that Nintendo’s wish to expand the gaming population has strong potential in Europe,” said Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing & PR, Nintendo of Europe.