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“A major insight that Nintendo had early on was that they saw that gamers were getting bored, even though they didn’t know it yet,” -Kaplan

“Just look at the way people consume entertainment today. The idea that you would spend hours playing video games is just not real anymore,”-Matthews

“It was one of our biggest [campaigns] in terms of impact, although the actual [media] spending was about the same as the year before,” Harrison said. “We didn’t just double our budget to blanket both audiences [gamers and non-gamers].

“In our PR, we’ve always done outreach, but in this case, when we noticed something interesting happening online -like the weight loss using Wii Sports – we would draw it to the media’s attention,” he added. “The little things that kept showing up were picked up and blown out in marketing. … When we saw what people were doing or how they were getting creative, we would move on it.”

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