According to a report by Japanese publication Nikkei Business, Nintendo has purchased 80% of the stock in developer Monolith Software, replacing Namco Bandai as majority shareholder. Readers should note that Monolith Software is not the same as Monolith Productions, the Washington-based studio behind F.E.A.R.Nintendo announced during E3 2006 that Monolith Software would develop the original property Disaster: Day of Crisis for Wii, though few details about the game have come forward since then. How this stock deal will affect the development of Monolith Software’s titles is currently unknown.

Monolith Software worked on the Xenosaga series and Namco X Capcom. The company also collaborated with Japanese studio tri-Crescendo on the GameCube-exclusive RPG series Baten Kaitos. Nintendo bought the rights to the Baten Kaitos franchise from Namco Bandai, the original publisher, during the development of Baten Kaitos Origins, the 2006 prequel to Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Yes I just took this off The Wire site. They just did such a good job writing it.

Source: The Wire