– answer for core gamers looking for a unique talent
– tie between expanded audience and core
– tracks data up to one year long
– see weight gain from week to week
– logs time that you are doing other activities as well
– yoga gives real-time feedback for balance via meter and instructor
– whistle signifies starting/stopping for pushups
– tutorials for exercises

Mario Kart
– fueled by both gamers

– a chance for new voices
– try something different

Mario Super sluggers
– june in japan
– also coming to NA
– pull back to pitch, wati until rings algn for perfect pitch
– -twist wiimote for spin on pitch
– shake to run, shake to throw
– hit a as you run to dive and field the ball
– hammer bros in game
– a and b for special pitch
– baby luigi
– bunting possible
– special hits
– wario in game
– shyguy in game
– birdo

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
– greatly improved graphics
– treasure town is base of operations: item shops, banks
– wake up on the beach with no recollection of why you are there
– join wiggilytuff guild at the beginning of the game
– criminal outlaw board
– 490 pokemon at disposal
– thugs try to steal partner’s goods at the beginning of the game
– epic, moving storyline
– personality test returns
– 16 available to be at start, cannot change
– random generated dungeons – everything different
– special attack – hold L hit A
– turn based, but appears to be real time
– beat pokemon down, and they may join your team
– ranged attacks
– must get pokemon out of dungeon safely to have them join your team
– 4 moves at any given time
– link moves together to use all at once and it only counts for one turn
– rescue requests via WFC
– register email account to receive notifications of rescue requests
– 50 to 60 questions, but you are asked a specific set
– explorer guide comes with original pokemon manga