You really got to read this whole article to get the whole idea around the statement, I will try my best to give you a good idea about it. A man In Florida is on trail for obscenity. The technical definition for obscenity is basically anything that violates community standards. Which means different areas may view an act as more obscene then other areas. The lawyers in this case take an interesting approach on how to determine what is obscene.

Mr. Walters chose Pensacola because it is the only city in the court’s jurisdiction that is large enough to be singled out in the service’s data.

“We tried to come up with comparison search terms that would embody typical American values,” Mr. Walters said. “What is more American than apple pie?” But according to the search service, he said, “people are at least as interested in group sex and orgies as they are in apple pie.”

The Google service does, however, show the relative strength of many mainstream queries in Pensacola: “Nascar,” “surfing” and “Nintendo” all beat “orgy.”

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