“Well, I think — especially for us — the thing about something like a new accessory, whether it’s Wii MotionPlus or any of the other accessories we’ve done, it’s really, “Is the gameplay experience compelling enough to give that accessory a reason to exist?” And in the case of Wii Fit and the Balance Board, I think that was obviously the case.

With Wii MotionPlus, we’re seeing Tiger Woods [PGA Tour 10] was a very, very well-executed game [that] takes great advantage of Wii MotionPlus. It’s already got a pretty good install base for us out there in advance of the launch of Wii Sports Resort. So I think already, there are audiences that feel that Wii MotionPlus clearly brings something new to the table, [that it] creates something new that you can’t have anywhere else. And I think that, as long as that’s the case, that people are going to — if they feel there’s value in that experience — that they won’t hesitate to pick up a second one.” – Senior Product Marketing Manager for Nintendo of America, Bill Trinen

Nintendo is going to make a killing with the MotionPlus. Aside from the Tiger Woods and the Tennis games, Wii Sports Resort gives you more reason to buy that extra/s MotionPlus. When I picked up my copy of Wii Sports Resort today, I made sure I picked up MiotionPlus for each one of my controls as well.