The mad rush for amiibo and GameCube Adapters this holiday is a very welcome sign for fans of the gaming giant, Nintendo.  Many people and media outlets in the past have forecast doom and gloom for Nintendo in the past but the game maker just refuses to give up and it shows.  This holiday consumers have been scrambling to get their hands on the latest amiibo with the little figures selling out in days or even hours.  In some cases the amiibo figures are selling out before even hitting store shelves.  The GameCube Adapter has been in the same boat as the amiibo and sold out very quickly after the release of the peripheral along side the extremely popular Super Smash Bros. game that released for the Wii U.

While Nintendo has been sidestepping on commenting too specifically about what stock will be available for amiibo, they are being very clear about the GameCube Adapter.  Initially prices for the controller peripheral, which allows Super Smash Bros. on Wii U with a GameCube controller, soared after stock dried up for the adapter online and in brick and mortar retailers.  This led to many asking if the device was discontinued altogether.  Recently, Nintendo of Europe confirmed that they were “doing everything [they] possibly can to meet the demand which is currently outstripping supply.”  Now, Nintendo of America has chimed in as well and reassures consumers that the GameCube Adapter will be returning to retailers.

It is still unclear when more GameCube Adapters will become available in stores, but it would probably be wise to follow Nintendo’s advice and contact a local retailer.