“It suggests to me that the marketing will be broad-based and mainstream, meaning beyond the normal online and game magazine ads. My guess is we will see advertising on TV during American Idol, Oprah, etc. as opposed to ads on MTV during Punk’d. I really don’t know what the spend will be, but it could be 10 – 12% of projected sales. If we assume a retail price of $100, that’s $10 million in marketing for each 1 million units sold. If they go mainstream (have Oprah demo the device), I could see them selling 3 – 4 million, maybe more. That suggests the potential for $30 – 40 million in marketing……..”

………Pachter notes that Nintendo’s marketing approach reinforces his theory that hardware sales will shift away from specialty stores like GameStop and towards mass market chains like Best Buy. “…it is unlikely that such a large marketing campaign is intended to disproportionately benefit GameStop,” he said. “Rather, we think that the Nintendo campaign is likely to feature key retail partners such as Target and Best Buy, notorious for attracting so-called ‘couch potatoes.'”

Gamasutra was the first place to talk about gamestop losing ground to Target and Best Buy. You can read more about this HERE