Mario & Luigi RPG 3

– Mario are Luigi are inside Bowser. They can affect Bowser’s actions by their work within him. Control Mario and Luigi with A, B, and Bowser with X, Y.
– Ailment sweeping the land causing citizens to balloon in size, so Bowser swallows Mario and Luigi. Hmm, makes sense. 
– When playing as Bowser, you can even activate a touch-screen attack to use Goombas against your foes.


Dragon Quest V

– “What luck! The crown jewel of the Dragon Quest series is finally coming to Western shores.”
– “[Dragon Quest V] quickly became Horii’s favorite game in the series, and it holds that distinction still. Too bad Horii’s enthusiasm didn’t rub off on his coworkers at Enix America, who decided to stop localizing Dragon Quest jsut as the series hit its creative peak.”
– “Hand of the Heavenly Bride begins with the hero as a young boy … But the hero’s happy childhood cannot last forever, and his path to adulthood will be marked with both triumphs and tragedies.”
– “Horii has a gift for brevity that is rare among his peers, and he doesn’t need cut-scenes or lengthy conversations to tell an emotionally involving story. Nor does he need to pile on the pathos to make you feel something – the handful of dark and tragic moments in Dragon Quest V hit hard because of the many lighter moments that have drawn you into the quest and made you attached to its likeable cast. Dragon Quest V may lack the sophistication of more-modern titles, abut few RPGs since have matched the warmth of its soul.” (The article was written by Casey Loe, and I think that’s a fine piece of writing right there.)


Phantasy Star 0

– “the most ambitious, compelling, and robust online offering on the handheld to date.”
– “true spiritual successor to the original Phantasy Star Online.”
– fully realized single-player campaign, but the multiplayer modes are the big draw.
– Online or local play with up to four players. Free. No territory restrictions. Friend codes or random party assignment.
– Lobby area. Random map variations and cannot move from one level to another without going back to the lobby.
– “multiplayer modes have no overarching narrative”
– “remarkable graphics engine”
– can map actions to Y, B, or A, and to R+ Y, B, or A.

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