Phantasy Star Zero: 8
Drawn to Life 2: 7.5 (DS), 7 (Wii)
Astro Boy: 7.5
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoS: 8
Fifa 10: 6
Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands; 7
Atelier Annie: 8
WWE SvR 10: 7.5 (Wii), 7 (DS)
Nostalgia: 7
DBZ: AotS: 8
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade: 7.5
Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo: 6.5
TMNT: Arcade Attack: 4.5
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: 5.5

Zelda rankings:

1. Ocarina of Time
2. A Link to the Past
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Twilight Princess
5. Link’s Awakening
6. The Wind Waker
7. Phantom Hourglass
8. Minish Cap
9. Oracle of Seasons
10. Oracle of Ages
11. Majora’s Mask
12. Four Swords Adventure
13. Zelda II

Best of series:

Hook: Dark World (ALttP)
Item: Double Clawshot (TP)
Weapon: Bow
Zelda: TWW
Boss: Twilit Dragon (TP)
Overworld: MC
Story moment: Beneath the Waves (TWW)
Secret: Second Quest (TLoZ)
Tune: Overworld Theme
Dungeon: Goron Mines (TP)
Enemy: Octorok
Supporting Character: Midna
Ganon: OoT

Looks like Twilight Princess gains some high honors at #4 in the list of best Zelda games.  Some people might disagree, but I would definitely put it very high on the list as well.