Wario Land: Shake It!

– well-designed levels
– fun moves (especially motion controlled actions)
– side puzzles/bonus missions provide extra difficulty
– animation is great
– good bosses

– slow-paced
– few enemies can do much damage to you until late in the game
– most of the challenge is in the bosses
– clunky menu navigation
– mediocre music

Samba de Amigo

– controls work extremely well; two remotes benefit from rumble

– may take a few songs to get used to the new pointing mechanics for series vets

Sonic Chronicles

– interesting environmental puzzles
– EBA-type stylus moves provide a lot of excitement in battles
– witty dialog
– characters were fun
– team attacks make combos of characters interesting
– benched players level up
– decent character customization

– EBA-type stylus stuff gets tedious in minor battles; regular attacks don’t do any damage to many enemies
– may annoy you, but won’t bore you
– 15-20 hours