– thumbstick to move, A button to jump
– quick dodge by holding B, then tapping left/right on thumbstick
– drift by holding B or Z
– shake Wiimote for homing attack
– shake Wiimote while on the ground for speed boost


– Wiimote/Nunchuk swings to emulate Sonic’s left/right arms
– Block with Z
– combo by swinging Wiimote/Nunchuk up, down, towards each other
– grab/throw enemies with B
– Press C to use ‘Unleashed’ mode which gives you new moves, and you’ll take less damage
– grab enemies in mid-air and swing the Wiimote to swing back/forth on them
– climb by lifting Wiimote/Nuchuk over and over
– raise gates by pulling up on Wiimote/Nunchuk


European city – Spogonia
Desert – Shamar