Reader: Have you guys ever fought over what the best game of all time is? I think that it’s Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword all the way but my friend picks Mario Party DS. Yuck! (Sorry if that offends anyone.)

NP: Don’t worry, I’m sure that Mario Party DS fans are only waving about their torches and pitcheforks as a sign of support. The team here at NP does indeed discuss these kind of important issues all the time – our talks usually end with someone getting poked in the eye or bitten. On this subject, keep an eye out for something really big next issue… if all of us are still in one piece by then.”

Last month we had the ‘Moon’ teaser which ended up being the new Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the DS.  Now it looks like something ‘big’ is planned for the 20th anniversary of the magazine next month.