Despite significant hardware stock problems for the Wii, and to a lesser extent Nintendo DS, the company saw net sales rise to ¥1.32 trillion ($12.36bn) over the last nine months. Operating income rose by 135.1 percent to ¥394.0 billion ($3.69bn) and net income rose by 96.3 percent to ¥258.9 billion ($2.42bn).

As a result of the positive results and continued strong demand, the company has raised its net sales forecast for the full year to ¥1.63 trillion ($15.27bn) – as predicted earlier by Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. The company’s net income forecast remains the same at ¥275.0 billion ($2.58bn).

For those of you how may not understand all these numbers, kind of like myself. Let me explain it to you in a very simple way. Nintendo is making a “LOT” of money. Right now for Nintendo, money grows on trees.