As you may or may not know, Nintendo has a new version of the Wii wrist strap, with cool little locking clips. Well, I put in a request at for my own cool little locking clip straps. This is what they emailed me back:


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Wii Remote wrist straps. The free replacement offer for straps was made available for consumers who had purchased their Wii Remotes back in November and December of 2006 and received the original version of the strap. If you have a later version of the strap, it is not necessary to replace them with the most current version. More information on the original strap replacement offer is available at:

If my straps are good enough for Nintendo I guess they’re good enough for me. It would have been cool to have those locking straps. Have any of you out there tried this yet? What success have you had?