Atari has a new IP, Tandem has a physical release, and David Hasselhoff as street rage.

The list of upcoming and newly announced Switch games is a bit shorter than usual, but does that matter when one of the games is Kung Fury: Street Rage? Featuring Hackerman and Hasselhoff? I suppose that depends upon your interest in Kung Fury: Street Rage. Featuring Hackerman and Hasselhoff.

Anyway, there’s more. Including a new game for…Game Boy Color? What?

  • Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, in collaboration with developer Fat Panda Games, is delighted to announce the digital release of Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition is set for 1st April 2022 at $7.99. Coming to all consoles, Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition was previously released on Steam PC a number of years ago, garnering scores of 8s and even higher with a number of top gaming media. Now console gamers can experience the delights of ‘The Flat Kingdom’, a beautiful and peaceful 2D land that is now threatened by an evil thief and becoming a 3D world!
  • Indie developer Alkemi, in partnership with Dear Villagers, is proud to reveal their upcoming story-driven card game: Foretales. Due this summer on PC and Nintendo Switch, Foretales is a new kind of card game where narration and experimentation blend with “decksploration” mechanics. Foretales tells the story of a collapsing world doomed by a dark​ prophecy. Assuming the role of the avian small-time thief Volepain, you must assemble your party and use each character’s unique skills along with consumable cards to forge your path through a huge variety of scripted encounters and situations.
  • Whether you fancy puzzle games or traditional platformers, Atari is back in action with a brand new IP in the form of genre-bending Kombinera, a neon-lit puzzle-platformer launching April 7th. With over 300 brain-bending puzzles across increasingly difficult platform levels, Kombinera is sure to test your wit and problem-solving skills all while wrapping you in the embrace of stunning vivid environments adorned with fiendishly complex puzzles. Wielding only a collection of multiple colored orbs, you’ll navigate through each perilous level and figure out how to get each ball to safety in unison while dodging obstacles and enemies.
  • Hello There Games and Aurora Punks have announced that Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. Based on the Kung Fury film by Laser Unicorns, Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition lets you step into the role of five playable characters—including Kung Fury, Hackerman, and David Hasselhoff—in a classic, wave-based story and endless mode. The A Day at the Beach expansion introduces players to a brand new beat ‘em up adventure featuring a 2-player co-op mode and all-new levels and boss battles.
  • Retro-indie games publisher Bitmap Soft has announced that the pre-order window for the physical cartridge of In the Dark for the Nintendo Game Boy Color is going live today. In the Dark is a brain-teasing assembly of puzzles where there is but one goal – turn off all of the lights. Each light when turned on or off will flip the states of the ones around it.
  • Monochrome Paris, Hatinh Interactive, and Funstock, have announced the dark adventure puzzle platformer game Tandem: A Tale of Shadows physical edition is out now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! The Magical Box Edition is available to buy now exclusively through
  • Aksys Games has announced that the English title of Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau is Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo. The game, developed by Idea Factory and Watanabe Entertainment, features the story of a young girl’s encounters with non-human beings. Preorders are now open for special editions of Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo, Lover Pretend and Paradigm Paradox which bundle each game with its soundtrack CD.
  • Spectacular vehicle destruction, demolished car parts, and a truckload of fun; with squealing tires, Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 21st, 2022. Dozens of vehicle options give you the chance to get creative when you wreck your friends online and aim for demolition dominance. Whether you pick a lawn mower, school bus, or crop harvester, this game is all about having a good time, breakneck racing, and over-the-top crashes.