To get Western Audiences ready for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo is releasing a series detailing the basics of the game.  Their first episode discusses BLADE (Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth), and the perks of joining different divisions of BLADE, the different types of missions players can participate in, and how to switch between missions.

Below are the types of perks players will receive depending on which division they join:

Pathfinders – Experience increased HP Regen overtime.
Interceptors – Increases damage done by ranged weaponsHarriers – Increases damage done by melee weapons
Reclaimers – Higher chance of obtaining items from enemies
Curators – Increased chance of landing critical hits
Prospectors – Decreases damage received in battle
Outfitters – Increase commercial points you obtain
Mediators – Tension Points also increase by using arts, as opposed to just auto-attacks)

Nintendo will release a new video each month until the game releases on December 4, 2015.