Nintendo has released sales results for the first quarter of the year, April-June. Looking at the numbers there are some high and low notes. Come join me as we make this journey through the numbers.

Nintendo has reported that the 3DS moved 1.4 million in hardware and 11 million in software. Some of the leading software sellers were Animal Crossing: New Leaf, at 1.5 million, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, at 1.43 million. This brings the lifetime sales of Animal Crossing to 5.4 million and Luigi’s Mansion to 2.65 million.


According to Nintendo, the Wii U moved 160,000 units, which is about half of the Wii U sales from the previous three months (360,000). The break down by regions goes; 90k in Japan, 60K in the Americas, and 10K in the rest of the world. These totals bring the Wii U lifetime sales to just over 3.61 million.

The Wii sold 210,000 units, which officially puts it over the 100 million in lifetime sales.

In the big picture, Nintendo is reporting revenue at 81.5 billion yen ($832.7 million), which is down 3.8 percent, while profits were 8.6 billion yen ($88.1 million), up compared to losses of 17.2 billion yen ($175.9 million) year-over-year.

What may have helped Nintendo this quarter was the decline of the yen to the dollar, euro, etc. With this decline, and the rise of 3DS sales in North America and Europe, Nintendo was able to  save themselves a little, even with weak Wii U sales.

Thank you for taking this journey through numbers with me.