Well here it is, all hope has been shattered for this to be false.

I can confirm that the Friend Code system in the Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) service for Wii will be the same as it was for the Nintendo DS, meaning game-specific Friend Codes and a separate Friend Roster are used in each game where players can play with identified friends. As with Nintendo DS, the system was created to ensure the gaming environment is kept fun for everyone.

We have heard from various others like you letting us know how they felt regarding Nintendo’s implementation of Friend Codes in the Wi-Fi Connection service for Wii. I want you to know that we appreciate your passion and concern. Let me assure you that your concerns have been heard and will be forwarded along. As always, keep an eye on our website (www.nintendo.com) for the latest developments in Wi-Fi gaming as they are made available.

Nintendo of America Inc.
R.M. Rickets

Source: Nintendo