Some good news for Nintendo – particularly their investors – as the gaming giant revealed a profit in their quarterly sales numbers for the July-September 2014 period.

Nintendo made a 215 million yen profit (US$2 million), which is a complete turnaround from last year’s 18 billion yen loss for the same period.

Although many analysts were expecting another loss, Nintendo hope to continue this strong performance. With strong sales of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS already, the Wii U version on the way, and amiibo ready to launch in time for the holiday season, Nintendo are looking towards finally bringing an end to their four-year run of annual losses.

The Wii U is the surprise of the quarter, with more than double the sales over the past six months. During the six months to September, Nintendo sold 1.1 million Wii U consoles worldwide; last year, it had only sold about 460,000 units during the same period.

Conversely, 3DS hardware sales are significantly down. Nintendo moved 2 million 3DS systems between April and September, compared with 3.9 million during the same period last year.

This leaves the lifetime sales for the Wii U at 7.29 million, and the 3DS at 45.42 million.

Let us know your thoughts on the latest sales – do you think Nintendo can maintain or build on their momentum and make a profit at the end of the financial year?

Source: NeoGaf