The latest first day sales data from Japan’s new releases last Thursday are now in and Square Enix is definitely taking the lead with its Final Fantasy XII spin-off on DS, Revenant Wings as it has sold 180,000 units from its initial shipment of 450,000 copies. The game takes on a real-time strategy approach, akin to the recently release Heroes of Mana and features a wealth of FMV clips and some gorgeous music. Whilst fun and light-hearted, there are a few control issues and it has not been received extremely favourably by the Japanese otaku that snapped up the PlayStation 2’s original Final Fantasy XII. However, it will easily break at least 500,000 and could be boosted by the impending Golden Week to eventually reach a million.Elsewhere, Hudson’s popular board-game title (other than Mario Party), Momotaro Densetsu, makes its début on the DS this week, starting with 20,000 units for its first day, proving more popular (for now) than the game many thought would set the Wii on fire in Japan – Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree. The DS version has sold upwards of 1.4 million to date, but the Wii edition has started slowly with just 15,000 units. It is expected, though, to stick around for quite a long time.

Finally, the other Wii game of the week is Bandai Namco’s highly promoted One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, which shoots off with a very healthy 30,000.

Source: Cubed3