Something suddenly appeared on-screen during the Super Mario Maker 2 direct on Wednesday,  for less than a few seconds, so it might not have been noticed by all, though it certainly was interesting. A Super Famicom logo appeared as the Koopa Troopa car rushed through the stage. For those unaware, the Super Famicom was the Japanese version of the SNES.

I doubt this not-so-subtle tease is tied into anything Super Mario Maker 2-related, and it’s rather probably Doug Bowser’s “First mark” on the directs, similar to how Reggie was known for his memes. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it is entirely possible this could be a nice nod to the Famicom, but it is more likely a tease towards online-service members receiving SNES games at E3 2019.

Source: Switch Force

Do you think this is a nice nod to the Famicom, or was it Bowser making his “first mark” on the Nintendo Directs? I personally think this was a nice little tease to the future, or am I being too optimistic? We’d love to hear what you think on our various social media pages, and in the comment section below.