Gamasutra took the time to set down with Nintendo and talk to them about a few things. Topics discussed: New hires (including Konami’s Mark Franklin), the Wii Zapper, the state of M-rated games on Nintendo platforms, and how WiiWare is progressing, among many others

How has the move to Silicon Valley been? Is it done?

It is… The folks that moved down from Redmond are all here now. We’re still looking to hire, to fill a few spots, but it’s been great; the office is fantastic, and we’re excited to be a part of Silicon Valley. It’s so many game developers down there, obviously, and so many different media outlets that cover the gaming industry. It’s nice to finally be in the same place.

We hear that [former Konami PR exec] Mark Franklin is moving over, correct? What position will he be taking?

He is, yeah! We’re excited about that. He’s going to be our new Director of Public Relations. I’m excited to work with him. I just briefly met him on Thursday, at the Media Summit in San Francisco, and got about five minutes of his time to just chat. But, you know, I’ve heard good things about him, and I’m excited to bring him onto the team and get him up to speed as quick as we can, and continue all the good work we’ve been doing this year.

It seems there’s been a lot of shuffling around of executives and companies in the last three months or so. Do you have any thoughts in general on why that’s happening right now?

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