Translated information from tonight’s Financial Results Briefing is slowly releasing. As the night progresses, and English translation release, will we continue to gain more information. For now here is a quick rundown of what we have learned.


  • Miitomo pre-orders start February 17th in Japan, Mid-March outside of Japan.
  • At first Miitomo will be released in 8 Languages.

My Nintendo 

  • My Nintendo points program will start in March for 39 countries: Platinum and Gold Points.
  • In the system you will  have your own profile with coupons and discounts and eventually friend list, points system, and cloud saving.
  • Will be able to download software from PC and Mobile devices to Nintendo systems
  • Goal for My Nintendo is to reach 100 Million registered users.

Mario Maker

  • 6.2 million courses with 400 million played courses. That’s an average of 65 plays per course.


  • Global amiibo shipments reached 31 million. With 9.9 million coming this last quarter.

Top amiibo for North America

  1. Link
  2. Bowser
  3. Toon Link
  4. MewTwo
  5. Sonic
  6. Pikachu
  7. Classic Mario
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Mega Man
  10. Ganon

Top amiibo for Japan

  1. Girl Squid
  2. Squid
  3. Boy Squid
  4. Mario
  5. Classic Mario
  6. Modern Mario
  7. Isabelle
  8. Kirby
  9. Green Yarn Yoshi
  10. Digby

Top amiibo for Europe

  1. Classic Mario
  2. Link
  3. Squid
  4. Green Yarn Yoshi
  5. Mario
  6. Smash Mario
  7. Pikachu
  8. Boy Squid
  9. Toad
  10. Girl Squid

Top DLC (W/O Packages)

  1. Super Smash Bros. Wii U DLC
  2. Super Smash Bros. 3DS DLC
  3. Mario Kart 8 DLC
  4. Pokemon Scramble
  5. StreetPass


  • Doesn’t look like Nintendo will talk about the NX now.

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