It seems like Nintendo has got excited for their Pokemon games and have trademarked a whole rainbow worth of colors. This doesn’t mean that each one of these trademark is going to become a game,  it just give Nintendo options.

2008-092032 nalaku
2008-092033 PiCOPiCT
2008-092034 WiiGoldenHandle
2008-092477 [DS Directional Sensor Card] 2008-092478 TAKTOFMAGIC
2008-093236 [Asoberu Ehon/Tobida Sugoroku] 2008-093265 [Pokemon Red] 2008-093266 [Pokemon Green] 2008-093267 [Pokemon Blue] 2008-093268 [Pokemon Yellow] 2008-093269 [Pokemon Black] 2008-093270 [Pokemon Brown] 2008-093271 [Pokemon White] 2008-093272 [Pokemon Gray] 2008-093273 [Pokemon Scarlet] 2008-093274 [Pokemon Purple] 2008-093275 [Pokemon Crimson] 2008-093276 [Pokemon Scarlet – written differently]