SAN FRANCISCO, CA — When a large technology company releases a brand new system, most experienced users are immediately skeptical of the initial quality. In the past, new systems have been released before adequate testing has ensured a production stable product. This has been happening across the entire tech-sector since the beginning of time, not just in gaming. Back in 2002, when Microsoft released Windows XP, it came with thousands of flaws, mostly security related.

It usually takes a few years before all of the quirks of a new system can be surfaced by testers and solutions designed by company engineers. The release of Nintendo Wii in 2006-2007 appears to have changed that style of thinking. Suprisingly, Nintendo-USA, a Redmond, Washington-based company has developed a system free of noticeable flaws.

US Gaming analyst Alan Peterson says, “The Nintendo Wii has really surprised alot of people. The fun begins right when you take it out of the box”.

Peterson cited a recent survey of 250 gamers on the West Coast who were asked about the initial quality and stability of Nintendo Wii.

“Over 82% of the gamers we spoke to said the system was stable and they would consider purchasing it”, said Peterson.