Los Angeles, CA, December 22, 2007 –(PR.com)– UnderstandMedia.com, the online media literacy portal, has officially released the annual “Best Usage of Media” ranking for 2007.

According to Nick Pernisco, founder and editor-in-chief of UnderstandMedia.com, the organization releases its Best of list each year to show the best uses of media by news organizations, media companies, and non-professional individuals – a fact, he says, many people are interested to know.

“This year we saw the rise of new media devices that will help propel media consumption to the next level in the coming years.”

An advisory board comprised of media educators and media professionals reviewed media uses that span across all media to compile the list. Traditional media sources such as newspapers, radio, and television were considered, as well as new media sources such as blogs, podcasts, cell phones, social networking sites, and video streams.

The best uses of media for 2007 are:

1. Nintendo Wii. Videogames aren’t just for young boys anymore. The Nintendo Wii helped spur a revolution among gamers and non-gamers alike by aiming its product to people who don’t typically play video games, like women and seniors. Not only are the games fun to play, but they also provide both low-impact and high-impact exercise for an otherwise mostly-sedentary population.

2. Apple iPhone. Although similar convergence devices already existed in the marketplace, the Apple iPhone is the first device to bring together mobile telephones, music players, and Internet access in a mass market package. The device has revitalized a sluggish PDA phone market and promises to create huge competition, leading to better devices and better services. This will ultimately mean more portable media access for everyone.

3. Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. Never have politics been so funny, or so mainstream. Thanks to Steven Colbert’s humorous take on liberal and conservative politics, in 2007 it was actually cool to be interested in politics. This can only mean more young people will get involved in the political system, especially important in an upcoming election year.

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