Every year the state of NY holds a special event to celebrate the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree. Several singers perform and different TV stars are interviewed about upcoming episodes. I was able to go this year and if you don’t mind the crowds then I say go if you get the chance. While I was there I was hoping I would be able to take a tour of the Nintendo World Store, but had no idea where it was in New York City. I was told it was in Times Square and in Rockefeller Center, but for some reason none of the….New Yorkians knew where it was.

Bummed out, I headed back towards the train station and much to my surprise; I walked right by the NWS. My sadness immediately changed to excitement. I looked at its two stories of Nintendo goodness in awe for a few minutes and afterwards decided to go in. My excitement then returned to sadness when I read a sign on the door saying it had closed early for the tree lighting and that all I could do was look from the window. It was torture! I got a few pictures of it though and wanted to share them. I know they aren’t the best quality, but like I said there were a lot of people around so it was very difficult to get a good shot. But all in all, it was a great night and I definitely recommend visiting the Nintendo Store in New York. Enjoy the pics!