f you want people to know what gifts you want for the holidays, you need to speak up. And who better to help you speak up about your love for Nintendo DS™ games than iconic Nintendo video game character Mario™ himself?

Starting today, people can visit http://mariowishlist.varitalk.com and check off the Nintendo DS items they hope to receive for the holidays. After users provide some other fun information, your friend, relative or special someone will receive a voice mail or e-mail with a personalized message from Mario about what Nintendo DS gifts you hope to receive.

To provide even more shopping support, Nintendo’s holiday Web site is there to help both gift-givers and gift-getters streamline their shopping lists, by offering information about Nintendo DS systems and games. To check it out, go to http://giftcenter.nintendo.com. If you’re the one doing the shopping, you can browse through the holiday Web site based on the type of gifts enjoyed by the person you’re shopping for, such as the Mario fan, the music groupie or the puzzle fanatic.

But let’s say you’re the one doing the receiving. The holiday Web site will help you build a wish list and send it as a hint to your loved ones in an e-card with special holiday designs. This feature will be available through the end of December.