Nintendo’s new YouTube channel, which they have called the New Super Mario Bros U Channel, was recently announced in a Wii U notification.  The new channel not only provides helpful hints to use while playing New Super Mario Bros U but also shows off some awesome gameplay videos, which tend to remind me of how much I suck at Mario games.

“Hi, Mario fans!

We hope you are enjoying New Super Mario Bros. U.

We’ve opened a New Super Mario Bros. U channel on YouTube to share exciting and helpful gameplay videos with you!

The channel is called the “New Super Mario Bros. U Channel” and it’s located here:

Starting today, we’ll be posting a wide variety of videos including gameplay tips, tricks, and Super Play videos showing unbelievable stunts and runthroughs.  Make sure to check them out!

*Some movies may include spoilers, so keep that in mind before watching!

Use the browser icon at the bottom right to jump to the channel.”

On YouTube the New Super Mario Bros. U Channel is described as “The official channel for New Super Mario Bros. U gameplay videos. Check back frequently for tips, tricks, and Super Play runthroughs!”  Below you can see a small sampling of the types of videos you can find on Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. U Channel.

Flying-Squirrel Super Play in Acorn Plains Way

Second Star Coin in Tilted Tunnel

Follow the Shell for an Easy 1-Up in Acorn Plains Way

Yoshi Carries Luigi Through Yoshi Hill