Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America, spoke with Kotaku about where Nintendo is heading regarding their online strategy.  Generally speaking, Reggie says “We [Nintendo] have spent a lot of time and invested a lot of money to get our connected experiences right. And so when we highlight how the eShop will work, how the Nintendo Network is going to work, I think people are going to be very pleased.”  Speaking about Nintendo’s new online social network, called Miiverse, Reggie says “so when you turn on your Wii U what you’re gonna see is that home screen with all of the Miis and the Miiverse community, and what’s trending, kind of the key comments that have bubbled up through the system. So as long as you’re in a connected environment, that’s the first screen you see.”  For those of you who are not connecting your Wii U to the internet, Reggie does not go into any details on what the Wii U will display if it is not in a “connected environment”.  Reggie also goes on to say that the content you see on Miiverse is “driven by the individual developer.”  I know that many Nintendo gamers where pretty upset or frustrated by the Friend Code system that Nintendo utilized for the Wii and I hate to deliver bad new but friend codes will still exist for the Wii U.  Reggie has stated several times before that “We’ve heard the community feedback on friend codes and we’re making it dramatically easier for you to connect with your friends.”  So the Friend Codes are here to stay and Nintendo maintains that they have improved on them, only time will tell but I am inclined to believe them.  Nintendo is most likely going to be holding more informational events between now and November 18th because during Reggie’s interview, regarding the fine details of Miiverse and Nintendo Network, he says  “Stay tuned.”