This may not be big news to you guys. For me, I was really looking forward to this with as much anticipation as a four year old at Christmas. My Mii’s Birthday!!!! I had no clue what to expect some type of Bday parade, a happy dance, a singalong? All I new is that it was going to be cool!

Well my dreams where crushed today. Infendo is reporting that nothing happens when you hit your mii’s b-day. Nothing!!! No big celebration on your/mii’s bday. Then why in the world did we give a birth date to our mii?!?!?! Hum? Hum? Answer me that Nintendo???? Sorry I was really looking forward to something exciting from my wii, on my mii’s bday. I guess I will have to settle with the little reminder I put on my wii calender on my Birthday.

Source: Infendo