• new character named Holly Summers, ranked 6th in the UAA Ranking, missile as her left leg.
  • “I wanted to show this character as quickly as possible since it looks almost like a character from the double-feature movie Grindhouse. But in the movie, it’s a machine gun, while Holly has a missile, so she has more firepower – Suda51
  • Suda on Wiimote/Nunchuck controls “Assigning moves onto the Wiimote and nunchuk was difficult than I imagined. We have been so used to playing everything by pressing the buttons on the controller, but Nintendo’s stance is that this doesn’t always have to be the case. I think wrestling games will fit perfectly with the Wii. I’m sure power bombs will work great on this!”
  • Suda on Killer 7/No More Heroes similarities and differences “the game is not an extension of Killer 7, but goes the opposite direction, sort of like a reaction if you will. The story of Killer 7 was very complex so this time it will be very simple. The character was also complex since it had multiple personalities, but Travis as a character is much more clearer and simpler.”
  • Hints at familiar character making a return

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