January 13th 2009 – The votes have been cast and the results are in. Rising Star Games is proud to announce that No More Heroes has received consistent recognition in the annual game of the year round-ups. Winning several awards for game design, story and visuals in the Nintendo Wii™ category of several awards, No More Heroes also made the top ten in many publications’ “Games of 2008” and was nominated for many more, including Nintendo Game of the Year at the Golden Joysticks.

The top UK awards are as follows:

Best Game Character (Travis Touchdown) – NGamer Golden Mario Awards
Best Action Game (Wii) – IGN
Best Story (Wii) – IGN
Winner ‘When We Were You’ Award (Travis Touchdown) – MTV Games Awards
Winner ‘You Got the Style’ Award – MTV Games Awards
#2 Best Wii Game – GamesMaster
#8 in Top 50 Games of 2008 – The Daily Telegraph
#10 in Top 25 Games of the Year – Official Nintendo Magazine
Top 10 finalist for Game of the Year – GameSpot
Highly Recommended shortlist for Ultimate Wii Game of the Year – NGamer Golden Mario Awards


Wii Game of the Year – NGamer
Best Soundtrack – Official Nintendo Magazine
Best Wii Visuals – Official Nintendo Magazine
Best Artistic Design – IGN
Best Voice Acting – IGN
Best New IP – IGN
Nintendo Game of the Year – Golden Joysticks 2008

“This has been a standout year for No More Heroes and Rising Star Games,” said Martin Defries, Rising Star Games managing director. “We’ve had fantastic critical reception for NMH from the start; to be nominated in so many categories and place in the top ten in many polls proves how well a third party title can do on the Wii if you get it right. We’re all really excited to see the next step up in NMH2!”