6 March 2008 – Prepare to become champion of the courtroom, dazzling onlookers with persuasive wit and a keen sense of intuition as Apollo Justice Ace Attorney comes to the Nintendo DS. Succeeding the highly popular Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series, this title sees brand new protagonist, Apollo Justice, assume the mantle of courtroom star, ensuring justice for those who deserve it most. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, developed and published by Capcom and distributed by Nintendo, launches across Europe on 9 May, 2008.Opening a new chapter in the series, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney sees Apollo Justice and the mysterious magician Trucy, pick their way through investigations ahead of them. Take on the role of Apollo Justice and use instincts and a confident manner to unearth crucial clues at the scene of the crime, triumphing over genius prosecutor and part-time rock star, Klavier Gavin.

Like the previous Phoenix Wright titles, the action is split into two distinct styles of gameplay. In the investigation part of the game, players must gather evidence and scour the surrounding area for clues, which will see them utilise the Nintendo DS’s Touch Screen to dust for fingerprints or take plaster casts of footprints. Whilst obtaining this essential evidence, players must also interview key witnesses to gain important information on the nature of the felony. Here presenting damning evidence can help to convince a witness to reveal their secrets that may prove vital to the case.

The second section of the game is based in the courtroom and sees Apollo skilfully arguing in defence of his client. Cross examine witnesses to reveal the truth and use the Nintendo DS microphone to halt proceedings with cries of ‘Objection!’ and ‘Hold it!” When Apollo must support his wild claims, the crime scene is re-created and the player must pinpoint the area that holds the key to the case.

Completely new to the series is Apollo’s unique ability to Perceive Habits. This allows him to focus in on subconscious twitches witnesses make, giving away that they are hiding the truth. When such an event occurs, the player can use the Touch Screen to home in on the character and search for their nervous habit. If this is successfully located, the twitch can be exploited to further break through the lies in their testimony!

Make sure justice is served as Apollo Justice Ace Attorney passes judgement across Europe on the Nintendo DS on 9 May, 2008, for the estimated retail price of about £28/€40.