Notion Games has had a tough go at the name for their new game.  First, Notion had to discuss the original name Super Ubi Land with publisher Ubisoft.  That led to the current name Super Ubie Land.  Super Ubie Land released on PC, Mac, and Linux with that name.

Nintendo then requested that Notion Games come up with a new title for the game for the Wii U release.  This is not an ideal situation for an independent game developer but Notion Games continues to be a good sport about the entire situation.

Notion Games has finally received approval from Nintendo for the new name when Super Ubie Land releases on the Wii U.  When Notion Games’ new title hits the Wii U, fans will find it sporting the moniker Super Ubie Island.  Super Ubie Island is actually fairly close to the original name and Notion Games is pleased with the new name.  It is hard to imagine jumping through so many hoops just to release a game, especially when all it comes down to is the name.  But we are glad to see that Notion was able to work through these issues and we look forward to seeing Super Ubie Island on the Wii U.

Super Ubie Island