Some of you probably know this by now. I’m sorry but I learned about this earlier today, but things have been crazy, so I am now just getting to it. NPD has decided to stop there monthly system sales numbers, and leave it up to the companies (ie Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) to release there own numbers.  NPD Group PR representative David Riley had this to say after hearing such a outcry from the Gaming community:

“I had no idea this would be so ill-received. Honestly, I know this sounds ignorant but I really was taken aback when I started hearing/reading about this. It was unexpected. There was no push back [from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony]. However, it’s been a year (since new hardware released), so we decided to pull this monthly feed and leave it up to the mftcr. as to whether or not they wanted that sales information released to media. Regarding rogue sites that actively use existing data from market research firms, combine that data with estimates and then claim the data as their own — it’s true I’m no fan of sociopathic behavior and, as such, have real issues with sites like these but this has nothing to do with the change, either,” he said. “The best way to approach this issue is to let the industry police it, or to simply wait and let the truth come out in the end. It always does.”