OTTAWA – Two women walked into the Putnam Acres Care Center on Sunday evening feigning interest in a job application. When they left, they took more than an application – they also took a popular game system from the main lounge.

Gone, at least temporarily, was the Nintendo Wii game system that had been purchased more than a year ago following a donation from a family, administrator Jessica Trinko said. Witnesses at the center were able to identify the two women involved quickly, she said.

“The sheriff’s department went to the individual’s home and waited for her. They asked about the Wii and she turned it over. It was in her purse,” Trinko said.

Sheriff Jim Beutler confirmed the investigators had a suspect in the case. He declined to identify the individual involved because no criminal charges have been filed. Beutler said investigators were meeting with prosecutors to determine whether charges would be filed.

The Wii has been a popular addition to the center, Trinko said.

“When we first bought the system I wasn’t sure how much it would get used. It’s on every day,” Trinko said. “The residents really enjoy either the bowling or the baseball games. It’s therapeutic for them, but they actually enjoy the competition, the entertainment of it.”