We don’t have proper nouns,‭ ‬no historical figures,‭ ‬monuments or places.‭ ‬We can’t put in Barack Obama‭ – ‬we don’t own the copyright to Obama.‭ ‬There won’t be any copyrighted words or‭ ‬vulgarities.‭ ‬And no adjectives,‭ ‬either‭ – ‬so you can write‭ ‘‬bear‭’ ‬but you can’t write‭ ‘‬green bear‭’ ‬or‭ ‘‬plastic bear‭’‬.‭ ‬That‭’‬s just the need to keep things‭ ‬simple‭ – ‬we can’t do everything‭! – Jeremiah Slaczka,‭ ‬creative director

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