Today Emergent Game Technologies, makers of the Gamebryo engine powering popular current games like Oblivion and the upcoming Fallout 3, announced a version of the middleware is now available for the Wii. The engine is designed to speed up the development process by automating actions that are normally time-consuming.

“With the success of Nintendo’s Wii console catching much of the industry off guard and offering fresh interactive features, developers need new tools to be able to develop for multiple platforms that offer vastly different capabilities and require different programming techniques,” said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. “We are committed to making multiplatform development as painless as possible while still delivering industry leading performance. Gamebryo for Wii simply sets a new standard for middleware designed for this top selling platform. We are very proud to be part of Nintendo’s Third Party Tools program.”

Gamebryo is already running over 200 games, ranging from massively-multiplayer online titles to casual fare.

From IGN