In honor of the Werehog’s limited ability to appear in daylight hours, we will send out these informative blasts celebrating the full moon and all the entertainment and mischievous chaos it brings to life.

To start, let’s step back and make sure you know where this story begins – Dr. Eggman is once again causing trouble and is finally cornered by Sonic. Though it seems certain these are his final moments and Dr. Eggman has FINALLY been stopped, it all turns out to be a ruse and instead it was Sonic who was lured into a trap. Dr. Eggman grabs the Chaos emeralds and uses their dark powers to wake the Dark Gaia – a huge monster who has spent many years sleeping at the center of the earth. The earth breaks into seven pieces with the force of the Dark Gaia’s abrupt and angry awakening. Sonic is also touched by this dark power and is changed in ways he can’t even begin to imagine. Soon after his transformation, he is thrown into space and is left to fall to his death on the scattered pieces of a broken earth. Sonic survives and begins an epic adventure to return the world to its rightful form!

Sonic’s adventure begins in Apotos where players are left to discover skills never before seen in the Sonic universe. He is now able to do a quick step – allowing him to move quickly from side to side without breaking his pace. This comes in handy immensely when he needs to dodge around walls and other obstacles while collecting rings. Another new move is the drift. Fans of racing games will be familiar with this ability to turn corners quickly and efficiently without losing momentum. Finally, there is the intense Sonic Boost. Players will collect rings to fill a meter that initiates the Sonic Boost! This super-fast move will allow Sonic to travel at speeds measuring up to 300 mph within the game world — faster than in any previous Sonic title!

Once they have mastered these new moves they are left to explore this island nation dotted with windmills that takes full advantage of the stunning 2D/3D gameplay transitions. As they hop from island to island, players will be introduced to all-new enemies which they have to defeat or evade in order to complete their quest. Players will have to explore each area to discover hidden medals opening new secret missions to tackle.

Once the sun dips below the horizon and the moon hangs overhead, players are introduced, for the first time, to nighttime gameplay and the Werehog. The dark powers of the Chaos Emerald have changed Sonic into something seemingly beast-like – though still possessing Sonic’s fierce drive to do good. This is the first time players will learn how to take advantage of the Werehog’s new powers – incredible strength and flexible arms. Using these new powers, players will be able to climb poles, pull themselves up and over walls, and battle a new set of enemies who only emerge at night. Solving simple introductory puzzles will also be a key element in this level of the game and players have to navigate this island paradise to find out how to make it through the night and find Tails – hidden somewhere to avoid the creepy enemies that have invaded this nighttime world. Once the Werehog saves his foxy friend, Tails whisks himself and Sonic onto the Tornado and, after a brief stop in Spagonia (more on this area later), they head onto Mazuri!

Mazuri – inspired by Africa – is packed with stunning warm earth tones and clay architecture. But this is no holiday and Sonic is on the move as soon as the level starts. This level changes things around by starting off first under the cover of night- with only the glowing full moon to show gamers the way. Of course, with the full moon comes the world’s most curious nighttime creature – the Werehog! This stage introduces players to new creatures for the Werehog to battle as he works his way through the level by swinging, climbing, and solving puzzles. Puzzles get more complex in this level asking players to think hard as they make their way through to the end of Mazuri. Logic and problem-solving skills will be a player’s best friend here,

Once gamers make it through the night and back to the heat of the shining sun, they will be ready to take advantage of the all-new speed moves they have learned. Mazuri will continue to give gamers a chance to improve their speedy abilities and enjoy more side-scrolling action than any other level in the game. In his attempts to save the world as he knows it, Sonic will zip through this level uncovering secret paths filled with rings and shortcuts taking some classic Sonic grinding on paths high up overlooking the Mazuri landscape! Timing will be essential in making it unscathed and full of rings through this level.

Can the Werehog make it through Mazuri on this quest to save the world? Tune in next full moon to find out!

Sonic Unleashed is rated E10+ and will launch this holiday season for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 (at $59.95 MSRP), Wii (at $49.95 MSRP) and PlayStation 2 (at $29.95 MSRP).