eSOL, based in Japan, has officially announced a USB mass storage system for the Wii! Here’s a piece of the press release:

Both software products constitute fundamental functionalities in the Wii console – managing and transferring data and files with external media. In particular, PrFILE2 provides file management functions which read and write data of theSD memory card, as well as other media;. PrUSB/Host functions are used in Wii, to provide USB host functions.

UPDATE: More details on the technology:

About PrFILE2

PrFILE2 is a FAT file system supporting FAT12/16/32 and VFAT. It has an architecture that can support application specific customization requests flexibly and quickly. Also, it has a fast backward seek function for file pointer, a function to minimize the file system destruction at accidental power shutdown or media removal, and other essential functions for the next generation of digital electronics devices. PrFILE2 provides a rich lineup of media drivers including compact flash and SD card.

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Source: eSOL