Remember the Possible Red Steel 2 teaser in the last issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK)? Well, it’s not ready to be revealed yet.  Here’s what Chris, one of the editors, had to say:

As for last issue’s Next Month page, the feature on the game in question fell through because it wasn’t ready to be shown off yet. That wasn’t due to us, it was due to the game’s developer and publisher.

Deals are made to secure games for future issues, but sometimes (for reasons outwith our control) these deals fall through or are put back when a game needs a bit more work. So while we make every effort to guarantee that what’s on the Next Month page will indeed be in next
month’s mag, there are the odd occasions when due to extenuating circumstances it can’t happen for another month or two.

We do say “we reserve the right to change content” on each Next Month page, and this month was unforuntately a case when we had to make use of this right. We will not preview a game until it’s in a previewable and playable state, and for reasons beyond our control the game in the Next Month section wasn’t at that stage yet.

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