I wanted to make a special post for this, because it may be important. The 4 screens below where taken on screen of the WiiWare channle. Looking at the last one; when you download FFCC, your are left with a message warning you that you may be additional charged in the future for more content. If also appears to be the pay an play symbol on the screen.


(UPDATE) Here is an explanation of what this pay system means;

If you want to recruit Yukes, Lilties or Selkies you have to pony up extra dough to construct a building for them. No wonder we’ve seen mostly Clavats adventurers so far! I just imagined the Leo was King of a Clavat country.

Additional costumes will be available for Leo and Chancellor Chime too like this pirate set. Square Enix has not announced final pricing for each item, but downloadable content falls between 100 – 300 Wii Points ($1 – $3) a piece. I imagine costumes will take the lower end of the sliding scale ringing in at 100 Wii Points a piece. Buildings to recruit extra races will obviously cost more. Hopefully not 300 Wii Points per race.

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