Playnintendo has some new info about the upcoming full-version of the Wii’s Opera web browser.  Here are the details:

PN: So here’s the big question; when will we be getting the full version of the browser to download on Wii?

Opera: Opera and Nintendo are planning the release for the final version of the browser for late March/early April.

PN: The biggest problem (Which is still very small) to do with the Opera browser is that typing can be very slow (especially for novices). There was a rumour that keyboard drivers were a possibility. Does that stand?

Opera: You will have to check with Nintendo on their plans to offer a keyboard. Opera would not be involved in this.

PN: Our last question is will there be any updates to the browser after this version, or is this it?

Opera: The browser for Wii will be regularly updated.

I’m really hoping this doesn’t get moved to April.  I am glad that they will be releasing regular updates for the browser down the road.   Check the link for the full interview:

Source: Play-Nintendo