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With the launch of the new Xbox LIVE Experience – and the addition of Netflix video streaming – Microsoft continues to transform its Xbox 360 from a solitary ‘gaming platform’ to a connected video gateway delivering content directly to the living room TV.

Sony is working the same angle, advancing its PS3/Playstation Network combination by expanding its roster of movies and TV programs and even pledging simultaneous online and DVD releases of Hitch and other top-notch (Sony-owned) titles.

Sony’s ambitions for the Playstation Network are incredibly grand: tie together Sony content, Sony’s distribution machine, Sony’s Internet media services, and Sony’s (connected) consumer electronics, thus building an end-to-end system to bypass video operators and deliver content directly to end-users. Sony’s own public statements have unambiguously revealed this ambition.

So that brings us up to date on Microsoft and Sony, but what about Nintendo?

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