Wii has its share of unoriginal ports of existing franchises, but there are a few developers who are daring to be different.  Koei has announced a new game entitled ‘Opoona’, which is also the title of the game’s main character.  The game has a very unique storyline and very unique gameplay:

In a bit of a twist, Opoona is controlled without touching the Wiimote whatsoever. We only have a brief description of combat from Koei, but they claim movement and “Active Bombom Battle,” which encompasses the game’s combat scenarios, is controlled entirely by the nunchuck, allowing for one-handed play. Snapping the nunchuck fires projectiles at enemies, whose trajectory can be changed by moving the nunchuck.

I like to see games like this that are taking risks rather than going with the flow of releasing sequels and ports.  I’m very interested in this as well as Dewy’s Adventure.

Source: 1up