It seems to be the more traditional a game is, the more difficult it is to concoct a sensible control scheme for it using the Wii Remote. Opoona realizes this and ignores the Wiimote completely; the Nunchuk is the only controller used to play the game, leaving your other hand free to stuff Cheetos into your maw. From the story, to the graphics, to the plot, the game is going for a pure and simple RPG experience. Unfortunately for Opoona, everything has to be very well thought out and extra polished for such simplicity to deliver an exciting, interesting game… and that’s certainly not the case here.

The first thing you’ll notice about Opoona is the design and the characters. Stylistically the game plays to the Wii’s strengths in that it’s fundamentally simplistic but well designed with lots of colorful, well drawn characters and backgrounds. Although it’s somewhat ironic that the main characters are considered to be some of the universe’s mightiest warriors despite the fact they’re the spitting image of those old Fisher Price ‘Little People’ toys

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